With the Winter months approaching we find most people may have some questions. Closing your pool is a bit of work, but with the right tools and a little help from the swimmers that use the pool and then disappear for the winter, its a snap.

Above ground pools are quite simple, making sure you have a winter cover, winch, and cable along with an air pillow you can get started. You will need to lower the water level after all winter chemicals have been added. Attach the skimmer winter cover and plug the return opening with a cap or plug (sold at our store).

After all the above has been-been completed you are ready to place the pillow in the center of the pool tied on two ends to keep the pillow in place. With two people on either side of the pool, pull the cover over the top and tighten the winch. We also have clips that get placed around the top rim of the pool. If you find you find you have further questions we are just a phone call away.

During the Fall with the leaves falling on the cover, you should try to keep the cover dry and free of debris. During the snowy months, the same applies.

Enjoy your Winter and all the Holidays…we look forward to seeing you back in the Spring!