Accessories 1

CoverMate I

As the world’s most popular hot tub cover lift, the CoverMate I is easy to install, even easier to use, and features a sleek, elegant look to complement any spa.
  • Black powdercoated, rust-free construction
  • Non-corrosive composite mounting brackets
  • Requires just ten inches of clearance behind spa
  • 12-point, 14-inch mounting system provides ultimate strength
  • Fits virtually any spa up to eight feet in width
  • Available with extended pivot arms and extended brackets for larger spas
Accessories 2

CoverMate III

Ideal for when clearance behind the spa is limited, this hydraulic lift utilizes an exclusive windlock system that virtually eliminates broken shock syndrome.
  • Higher perceived value
  • Trouble-free performance
  • Two large 25-inch brackets for extra stability
  • Requires just six inches of clearance behind spa
  • Available with extended pivot arms and extended brackets for larger spas
  • Available with optional deck-mount bracket
Accessories 3


Keeps covers close and off the ground. Customers can install the arms lower for an unobstructed view, or higher for added privacy.
  • Black powdercoated, rust-free construction
  • Arms fold flat against spa when not in use
  • Works on smaller spas, regardless of shape
  • Soft, slip-free rubber pads keeps the cover safe and secure
  • Requires just a 10-inch clearance behind the spa
Accessories 4


Two sturdy aluminum bars keep the hot tub cover out of the way. Customers simply fold the cover, then push it onto the shelf.
  • Black powdercoated, rust-free construction
  • Arms fold flat against spa when not in use
  • Non-corrosive composite mounting brackets
  • Works on most shaped spas
Accessories 5


This wide hot tub cover, durable step can support more than 700 pounds of weight and has eight colors to choose from.
  • SmartDrawers and SmartLights can be added for further convenience
  • Spongy rubber provides a soft, non-slip surface
  • Our unique reversible tread design can accommodate round or square spas
Accessories 6


For use on SmartSteps produced after Jan. 2008 (with black risers) and all SmartStep Jrs, the SmartLight accents the steps by providing a soft, solar-powered light.
  • Two solar panels
  • Four LED lights that snap into place
  • Helps keep nighttime spa use safe
Accessories 7


Store spa chemicals and supplies in this convenient drawer that fits neatly into our SmartStep and SmartStep Jr.
Accessories 8


Sometimes, customers need an easy, cost-effective alternative to a wood or cement deck. With our new SmartDeck, they have just that. SmartDeck features an elegant stamped concrete texture, bullnose edging and a black color that adds an element of style to any landscape. Its sturdy construction easily supports spa weight, while a modular design allows for countless configurations in minutes. An efficient, yet stylish choice when a cement or wood deck is out of the question. Simply lock one panel into the next and you’ve got yourself a level and sturdy patio.
  • Reinforced plastic easily supports spa weight
  • H-Snap connectors allow for countless configurations
  • Exclusive bullnose edging for a clean, elegant look
  • Four, 24-inch square panels per box allows for easy shipping and handling
  • Great for permanent or temporary use