Pool Filters

AquaView Filter Family

The AquaView Filter Family by Doughboy

Doughboy’s outstanding line of filtration systems consistently deliver purity that is unrivaled in the industry. Clean water begins at the filter, and AquaView’s superior sand system combines better filtration with an easier to use operation. Utilizing advanced water processing technologies, AquaView filters not only out-perform the competition, but are friendlier to the environment. See below our types of pool filters.
Powerline XP Pump Series

The PowerLine XP pump series by Doughboy

The workhorse of any pool system, the PowerLine XP Pump Series has been designed to be more efficient in moving more water at lower energy costs. The advanced impeller design is driven by an industry-leading motor. The are available in a 2-speed model if desired.
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The Sequel Filter Family by Doughboy

Doughboy’s outstanding line of pool filter systems consistently deliver purity that is unrivaled in the industry. With Doughboy’s Diatomaceous Earth filtration systems, sparkling clear water is easily obtained with the comfort of exceptional filter operation and easy maintenance. The unique V-Grid design provides a large surface area for D.E. distribution. In addition, the Permanently Encapsulated Filtering Grid Ends provide long grid life and less maintenance. These features are essential for good performance and a cleaner, sparking pool for you and your family to enjoy.
Hayward Filters

Hayward Filters

Hayward offers the very latest in pool filter technology ensuring your pool water is clear and clean. Our filters’ simplistic operation and low maintenance requirements set new standards for performance, value and dependability. Molded of tough, durable, colorfast reinforced thermo-plastic Hayward filters deliver reliable, all-weather performance with minimal care. Find out which one is right for you.
Perflex Extended System

Perflex Extended Cycle (D.E.)

Providing crystal clear, sparkling water at an economical price, it the Perflex D.E. Filters have been proven reliability, and energy savings over many years, Perflex has set the standard in swimming pool filtration by incorporating the patented Flex-Tube™ design in combination with D.E. filter powder – the most efficient dirt remover known for pool filtration. The result is superior water clarity, extended filter cleaning cycles – and no backwashing required.


Power Flo Matrix Filter
Hayward pumps are engineered for dependability and performance. Recognized as the industry leader, our line of above-ground pumps are engineered and designed to stand-up to today’s most demanding installations, setting a new standard of performance and reliability.
Pro Series Top-Mount System

Pro Series Top-Mount System (Sand)

Superior filtration from the inside out.

The Pro Series filter features an integral top diffuser that evenly distributes unfiltered water over the sand media bed in a cascading, umbrella-like pattern. This allows the greatest filtration possible from every square inch of sand. Then the self-cleaning underdrain assembly, with its 360° slotted laterals, provides a fast, balanced flow of clear water back to the pool while allowing for more thorough backwashing. Best of all, the Pro’s full-flow technology reduces your energy costs because the filter operates for shorter periods.

Seven-position valve puts you in control. The patented, multiport control valve developed by Hayward was designed with seven pool filter positions. An easy-to-use lever-action handle lets you quickly dial any function. Long-lasting convenience. You can easily access the Pro Series filter assembly for simple servicing via the unique folding ball joint in the laterals. A corrosion-proof housing protects the filter from severe weather for years to come.

Power-Flo LX

* The standard in above-ground pumps for over 30 years
* Exclusive corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic housing for all-weather performance and quiet operation
* 100% drip proof, heat-resistant double-sized seal for long motor life
* High performance impeller
* Drain plug for easy maintenance of pump
* Clear cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning

Perflex Extended Cycle System (D.E.)

Perflex filters are performance matched with our new Power-Flo Matrix™ pump series to ensure a system that maximizes its filtration ability. These advanced filtration systems are designed to operate with less resistance than conventional units, thus producing more filtered water with less pump horsepower. Quality, value, dependability and sparkling clear pool water are the Perflex system trademarks.


Aquabug Pool Vacuum

Every pool needs cleaning on a regular basis, not only for appearances and sanitation but to protect the investment you have made in your backyard oasis. Hayward’s line of above-ground suction cleaners are efficient, easy to install, and cute! These cleaners can be installed in about 15-20 minutes and do not require additional tools for installation.

Powerflo Matrix

PowerFlo Matrix

The PowerFlo Matrix has been engineered as a uniquely superior above-ground pool pump. With a single push of a button, this truly versatile pump changes from a veritical to a horizontal discharge and back again. Its large profile and integrated styling makes the PowerFlo Matrix a swimming pool pump like no other.


Pool Heater
Heating your pool is a wise investment as it increases its value and extends your swimming season. So when you’re ready to graduate to a higher degree of comfort and control, choose a Hayward heating solution.


No pilot light equals no hassle! Hayward has developed an induced draft heater for above-ground pools and spas that combines state-of-the-art technology with ease of operation and superior performance. Featuring an electronic, direct spark ignition system and an energy-efficient FireTile® lined combustion chamber, the Hayward heater provides 100,000 BTU input, while delivering 81% thermal efficiency and quick heating.


In the tradition of the AquaBug, the Hayward family of above-ground pool cleaners are designed to clean the bottom of all sizes and shapes of above-ground/on-ground pools–automatically. These attractive little fellows operate off the pool’s existing filtration system and feature our exclusive SmartDrive® program steering so it won’t miss a spot. Performance, price and stimulating 4-color cartons are sure to make these products one of your best sellers.