Pool & Hot Tub FAQs

Nope. We offer our state of the art computerized water analysis free of charge. This allows us to get a clear picture of what’s going on with your water so we can offer the best advice to keep it balanced.

We recommend a minimum of 8 hours per day. However, this should be increased if there’s a significant change in the weather or if you’ve had a larger than normal bather load. The key is that you want to turn the water over at least two times. Feel free to ask us to help you determine what works best for you and your situation.

We just bought a house that came with a hot tub and it’s not working right. Can you send someone out to fix it?

In order to provide the best possible service to our hot tub customers, we only provide service to hot tubs that have been purchased from us. This prevents us from having to maintain an inventory of parts from various manufacturers and allows us a much faster response time to help our customers. However, we can refer you to a trusted associate to do your repair.

We understand that some people have a lower tolerance to chlorine in their pool. However, it is the best available sanitizer for your water. What we can offer is a great system called FrogLeap, which uses mineral technology to assist in sanitizing the water so that you can use a much lower than normal dosage of chlorine. Contact us for more information.

Don’t panic! There’s a very good chance that you lost your water through water displacement. Imagine a piece of plastic wrap stretched over a full glass of water. If you were to push down in the center of the plastic wrap, the water would be forced over the sides and down the side of the glass. The same principle applies when a lot of snow or rain accumulates on your pool cover. Another common source of water loss is when there is a small leak in the cover. When you go to pump the water off the top of your cover, you could actually be pumping out the water from underneath the cover as it transfers through the leak.