We Sell two types of

Water Bonder

In January 2008, the NEC passed (680-26©) requiring pool water to be bonded. The Water Bonder was developed in Haydenville, MA by an electrician. The WATER BONDER I was designed for above ground pools, and will work on in-ground pools. The WATER BONDER II was designed for hard pipe installations, if needed. Call us today to learn more about accessories for your Lehigh Valley pool.

E325037 Pool Water Bonder I 40ec

Pool Accessories 1

Water Bonder I (patent pending)
Part number: WB-I
Fitting type: 1-1/2 male NPT x
1-1/2 hose barb

E325037 Pool Water Bonder II 40ec

Pool Accessories 2

Water Bonder II (patent pending)
Part number: WB-II
Fitting type: 1-1/2 male NPT x
1-1/2 female NPT